BRC Championship Results – Area Successes

 BRC TopSpec Arena Eventing Championships Results

held at Aston Le Walls 31 May-2 June.  90 cms 3rd Ian Spalding/Rockhill Girl/Bourne Valley

BRC Equilibrium Intermediate Championships

held at Arena UK Grantham 27/28 Aptil. Junior prelim Sect JP18 – 10th Daisy Brock/Lord Burghley/ Meon.

Junior 90 sj – 6th Ruby Govier/TynCwm Shandy/New Forest

BRC Championships 2024

Dressage to Music Championships held at Bury Farm, Slapton 8-10 March 2024 – Medium: 7th Clare McCarthy/The Big Guy/Solent.  Elementary 1st Kerry Tyrrell/Hi Moons Spellbound/Meon.  Senior Novice 2nd Mandy Keen/Jackpot/Chilworth.  Junior Novice 7th Esme Colley/Funky/Vectis.  Senior Prelim 6th Emma Palmer/Chip Off Sielbloch/Wessex

BRC Championships2023

NAF National  Championships held September 2023 – Dressage:  N24 6th Andrew Lovell/Maid of Vourage Too/Wessex; 2nd Francesca Webb/Hollybrooke Annie II/NFPE, also 1st in JE43 sect E;  Sen P13 – 4th Vanessa Owen/Legend’s Moon/  6th N27 Warm up Sarah Davis/Winston Classic Gold/Chilworth;  Under 13sect1A – Rosie Moore/Daiquiri II/New Forest.

Horse Trials Championships held on 4-6 August at Swalcliffe:  70 Section A – 2nd AlisonLamb/New Forest/Garrai Lad, 6th Martine Harding/NFPE/Willowway Double O Seven, 70 Section B – 4th Sonja Waite/NFPE/Silverlea Sweet Dreams, 70 Section C 9th Jo Harding-Ash/NFPE/Bromfield Bizarre

Arena Eventing Championships held at Washbrook Farm. Aston-le-Walls 10-12 March.  Junior 80 team: 1st New Forest Pony Enthusiasts – Isabelle Brimble (8th ind)/Waterford Pink Perfection, Milly Stride/Cuckoopen Merlin, Erin Dovey/Moneyhills Pageant, Cassidy Francis (2nd ind)/Staghill Rocket.   Mixed 70cms 3rd New Forest Pony Enthusiasts: Cassidy Francis/Staghill Rocket, Milly Stride/Cuckoopen Merlin. Polly Povey/Fidleywood Puddle Duck, Charlotte Nelson (ist ind arena 1)/Hollybrooke Halo.

BRC Championships 2022

Combined Championships held at Washbrook Farm Aston-le-Walls 21/22 May.  Senior 90 – 7th New Forest:  Kate Brown/Damson Bay Buttons (ind 4th), Alice Jenkins/Penhill Princess. Michaela Carr/Staplewood Cruz E, Callum Robertson/Ballyfoley Derry Patrick.  Junior Vhallenge 90: ind 5th – Scarlett Glover/Something About Harry (Purbeck & District0.  Senior 80 2nd Meon: Kerry Tyrrell/Hi-Moons Angel, (ind 10th), Margaret Hird/Thacka Princess, Diane Williams/Tamira Van ‘T Leefdaahof, Ony Rogers/Ballalara Lad.

Novice Winter Championships held at Arena UK Grantham 26/27 March.  80cms Senior Showjumping  First: Meon – Ony Rogers/Ballara Lad, Diane Williams/Tamira Van’T Leefdaalhof, Sharon Ede/Colour Me Danny, Kerry Tyrrell/Hi-Moons Angel Elm.

Arena Eventing at Aston-Le Walls 11-13 March.  Senior 80 Teams:  5th Bourne Valley – Frances Hall/Bellindene Magnum, Kay Pogson/Something Special III Emma Cora-Wright/Mister Socks, Vanessa Martin/Helsington Its for free.  Junior 80 Teams@ 4th New Forest Pony Enthusiasts Isabelle Brimble/Waterford Pink Perfection. Lucy Bailey/Buttslawn Olympus Elm. Taggy Wagstaff/Buttslawn Beaufort, Erin Dovey/Moneyhills Pageant.  Senior 90 Teams – 3rd Bourne Valley – Susie Pool/Dubai, Sophie Clotworthy/Baileys Spirit, Danielle Storer/Pasadoble, Katie Mortimer/Kerslake Moor.  100 Teams. 9th Area 17: Amber de Silva/Mini Jack, Jake Meader/Days of Taunder, Kathy Laurence/Kilmanano Dato, Ian Spalding/Rockhill Girl.  10th New Forest: Gemma Maughan/Melodie de Symmer, Georgy Killingray/Davalon Tilley,  Katie Wright/Adelaide II.


Dressage to Music at Bury Farm 1-3 October

Elementary:  10th Kerry Tyrell/Himoons Spellbound (Meon) also 8th in Novice with points

Medium Freestyle: 3rd Morgan Kent/Kolsteins Don Amigo (Wessex Gold – also 1st in Advanced Medium, overall 2nd and 1st highest placed junior

NAF Five Star National Championships held at Lincolnshire Showground 4-5 September

Senior 80 showjumping 1st Arena 5 Kerry Tyrrell/Hi-Moons Angel(Meon).  NAF Junior Elementary Dressage3rd Olivia Butchers/Thistledown Great Gatsby(New Forest). Junior 80 showjumping 1st teamNew Forest Pony Enthusiasts: Isabelle Bramble/Waterford Pink Perfection. Erin Dovey/Moneyhills Pageant (ind 6th), Lucy Bailey/Buttslawn Olympus, Taggy Wagstaff/Buttslawn (ind 5th) Beaufort.

Horse Trials Champs 6-8 August at Swalcliffe Park.

Senior 80.  Team FIRST – New Forest (ind places in brackets) Katie Macey/Staghill polar Flight (1st arena 1), Chelsea Jennings/Willoway Royal Fortune (3rd arena 2), Lucy Twiss/Glencarrig Ricardo (7th arena 4), Sue Stevenson/Bilbo.

Arena Eventing Champs Aston le Walls 23 May 2021

Mixed 100.  7th New Forest team: Gemma Maughan/Melodie de Summer, George Killengray/Staplestown Bridge, Imogen McMahon/Divine Stormin Norman (5th).

Junior 90.  2nd Area 17 team: Zoe Kibbey/Moyglass Lady, Sophie Anderson/Shanboo Duffy Dun (10th), Jake Meader/Days of Taunder (5th), Victoria Mason/Woodend Picasso.

Senior 90.  10th Margaret Hird/Thacka Princess (Meon)

Senior 80.  3rd New Forest Pony Enthusiasts team:  Sally-Anne Pierson/MallardsWood Jackson, Laura Avery (7th), Joanne Harding-Ash/Lucky Lane Thistledown, Sophie Albery/Wayland Somerley Park

Mixed 70.  3rd New Forest Pony Enthusiasts team: Lucy Bailey/Buttsdown Olympus (3rd), Isabelle Brimble/Wackerford Pink Perfection, Ella Clooney/Samsons Scandal (4th)

Virtual Novice Dressage Championships – 1/2 May 2021

Senior Intro: 8th Sarah Davis (Chilworth)/Winston Classic Gold

Junior Novice: 4th: Jake Meader (Solent)/Says of Taunder.  6th Mia Wake (Solent)/Parsonage Lark

Senior Novice: 5th Kerry Tyrell (Meon)/Himoons Spellbound

Junior Intermediate: 72bd/ 90Q  2nd Charlie Adkins (Vectis)/Roseberry Sir Henry  D11 3rd Charlie Adkins (Vectis)/Roseberry Sir Henry    7th Isobel Aldred (New Forest)/Game Changer

Senior Intermediate: 2nd Suzanne Hobday (Hampshire Rural)/Sunglow Skyler  7th Rebecca Hamilton Fletcher (Chilworth)/Smokin Gun

Junior Elementary: Freddie Ravenscroft (New Forest)/Opposition Detective


Dressage to Music 2-4 October, Bury Farm.  Warm up medium 69:  1st Morgan Kent (Wessex)/Kolstein Don Amigo – also came 4th in Pick A Test.  Elementary. 8th Kerry Tyrrell (Meon)/Himoons Spellbound,  and 2nd in Novce with Points.  Junior Prelim: 2nd Kieran Kent – Daly Boy.

HorseQuest Arena Eventing Championships Washbrook Farm Aston-Le-Walls 14/15 March 2020,  Senior 80 8th New Forest: Gemma Maughan/Bilbo (ind 12th), Tamsin Cooper/Pilgryms Opposition Suitable Boy. Senior 90: 7th New Forest: Lucy Twiss/Glencarrig Ricardo, MillieMae Carreras/Haydees, Kate Brown/Damson Bay Buttons (ind 4th), Emma Rossiter/It’s A Blessing.  Mixed 100: 10th Purbeck & District: Amber De Silva/Mini Jack (ind 20th), Kathy Laurence/Kilnmona Dato Elm. Nicole Jooste/Troubadouir, Phoebe Anson/Delila


TopSpec Dressage to Music Championships held at Bury Farm 27-2 September  Pick A Test.  7th Carol Alford/Solent/Amarna.  Elementary 5th Sam McEwan/Meon/Sunnystone The Highwayman. 14th Caroline Marsh/Chilworth/Midsummer Rainman.  Pairs FIRST  Meon – Pippa Griffin/ Tolkien’s Trilogy and Kerry Tyrrell/Himoons Spellbound.  4th South Wilts Donna Boyd/Rinus Star and Sarah M-Sheppard/Tetouan Bailey. 5th Wessex Gold Frances Stokesberry/ Zig-Zag Da Lapa and Tiffany Lay/Caminito.  Senior Novice with Points.  5th Sam McEwan/Meon/Sunnystone The Highwayman.  13th Caroline Marsh/Midsummer Rainman.  Senior Novice 0 Points Arena 1 1st Kerry Tyrrell/Meon/Himoons Spellbound.  Junior Prelim  4th Evie Lynch/New Forest Enthudiasts/Lyndhurst Brummy  8th Phoebe Nicolls-Tay;or/Vectis/Farriers First Dream.  Junior Novice  1st Morgan Kent/Wessex Gold/Kolstein’s Don Amigo 5th Katie King/Solent/Dreamy Gent  BRC SaddlesDirect Quadrille Selection Trial – 10th South Wiltshire Pony Ballroom.

NAF Five Star National Championships at Lincoln 31 August-1 September:  Senior 90 Show Jumping – 11th Bourne Valley.  Susie Pool/Dubai E, Helen Vernon/Well Done You,  Briony Tarlton/Orion’s Jaffa, Alison Coleman/Graigue Hero. Senior Style 9th Bourne Valley. Hrlen Vernon, Frances Hall/Bellindene Magnum, Susie Pool/Dubai E, Frances Ridley/ Forsmiles. Junior Riding Test. 17th Isle of Wight – John Waghorn/Chevy, Rebecca Cooer/Apache Mirage, Freya Rann/Crystal’s Pride.  Junir Dressage : 5th New Forest – Millie-Mae Barney/Garrybrit Calvin, Theo Horsford/Deenivs Cuthbert, Matteo Lallo/Morrigian  Bernardino,  Callum Robertson/Ferro Curry.  11th Wessex Gold: Cameron Major Parker/Puzzle II, Kieron Kent/Helens Lad, Morgan Kent/Kolstein’s Don Amigo.  w/d Eloise Chisholm/Cadifor Byron.  Junior Intro Dressage Individual results. 15th New Fores: Theo Horsford/Deebivs Cuthbert. Junior Elementary. individual results.  FIRST Wessex Gold Morgan Kent/Kolstein;s Don Amigo.  13th New Forest ; Abby England/Wayland Mulberry. Teams of Four Dressage: 5th – Millie-Mae Barney/Garrybrit Calvin, Matteo Lallo/Morrigan Bernardino, Theo Horsford/Deenivs Cuthbert, Callum Robertson/Ferro Curry.  Junior Pairs =1st New Forest: Millie/Mae Barney/Garrybrit Calvin, Callum Robertson/Ferro Curry.

NAF Five Star National Horse Trials Championships helf at Swalcliffe 2-4 August.   Hoenior 80 FIRST Chilworth Marie Davies/Nobby, Julia Creaey/Stormy Diamond, Caroline Wilkinson/Jolly Jupiter (ind 3rd, Louise Turner/Coppenagh Lavelle.  Junior 90. THIRD Area 17 TeamJane Meader/Days of Thunder, Shannon Coc/LK Saffira, Chloe Fletcher/My Kilbeck Cloud (6th ind), Alice Burgess/Glowing Amber. Senior 90 FIRST New Forest. Lucy Twiss/Glencarrig Ricardo (3rd ind), Beth Richmonf/Magicians Patch, Gemma Maughan/Melodie de Summer, Emma Rossiter/It’s a Blessing. Open 100+ 2nd individuals Marion Watt/Pauldary’s Tiger Woods. 12th ind Megan Breslin/Moorlough Billy/Purbeck. 13th Tessa Broadhead/Arkensas Rebel.

EQUITHEME INTERMEDIATE WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS  held at Bury Farm, Slapton 26-28 April. Dressage individuals only posted so far. Wll add any teams when known.Elementary Dressage 42 Arena 1: 7th Louise Huxley/Rovini Shillingstone.  PMed/Adv Med: 6th Donna Boyd/Vagebond VD Withoeve Z (South Wilts). Arena 2: =3rd Elizabeth Peerless/Smashing Pumpkin (Bourne Valley), 7th Donna Boyd (as before). 100 Show jumping 8th New Forest Callum Robertson/Ferro Curry, Georgev Killengray/Staplestown Brigade, Charlotte Hordle/JK’s Topgun, Louise Proctor/Larch. 110 show jumping: 4th Purbeck & District: Shannon Rodway/Magical Spirit, Kathy Laurence/Kilnamona Dato (11th ind), Amber Mael/Mini Jack 8th ind. Intermediate Dressage Juniors7th New Forest: Callum Robertson/Ferro Curry, Julia Smales/Jades Beau Belle, Imogen McMahon/Divine Storming Norman, Ella Conway/Ballintrillick Lad.

ARENA EVENTING CHAMPIONSHIPS held at Washbrook Farm, Aston le Walls 9 and 10 March:  Mixed 70cms 10th New Forest ( Gemma Maughan/Bilbo Elm, Amy Bridgett/BluebellXVI, Sophie Green/Butts Lawn Fanfare (ind 7th), Kelly Jensen/Rock  ‘n’Roll;  Junior 80cms  10th Purbeck (Zoe Kibbey/Mr Col, Isabelle Whitty/Telesky (ind 10th), Victorie O’Neil/Hollycreek .  Junior 90 3rd New Forest. Grace King/Murphy, Imogen Reynolds (ind 7th, Freddie ravenscroft/Farriers Party Shoes, Caitlin Lawrence/Bopping King

NOVICE WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS HELD AT ARENA UK , GRANTHAM LINCS 30/31 March.  Novice Winter Dressage Senior:  5th New Forest : Louise proctor/Larch, Katie Macey/Staghill Polar Flight, Claire Lewis/Master Wickham, Kerry Tyrrell/Himoons Spellbound

Junior Novice Dressage: 1st New Forest:  Imogen Reynolds/Tullaher Ella, Eleanor Jenkins/Penhill Princess, Matteo Lallo/MorrigianBernardino(3rd ind, Callum Robertson/Ferro Curry(2nd ind.  ind arena 1 1st Phoebe Nicolls-Taylor/Farriers First Dream (Vectis).  Novice Winter Grassroots Intro. ind 1stMatteo Lalo/Morrigan Bernadino(New Forest)

Senior Novice show jumping80cm.  Arena 1 2nd Margaret Hird/Thacka Princess(Meon

Area Successes at BRC Championships 2018

DRESSAGE TO MUSIC CHAMPIONSHIPS HELD AT BURY FARM 28-30 SEPTEMBER :  Individual Pick A Test 4th Kelly Blow – Vectis, 9th Mandy Keen – Chilworth.  Top Spec Veteran Rider: 1st Mandy Keen – Just The One IV/ Chilworth(Elem/Med)

BRC NAF National Championships held at Lincoln 1-2 September Senior Open Dressage Teams: 12th New Forest. Senior Prelim Ind: Arena 6 – 1st Amy Bridgett/New Forest (21st overall individual results).  Veteran Rider Prelim & Novice: Arena 8 – 2nd Susie Pool/Bourne Valleyand 4th in overall ind results.  4th Karen Morton/Chilworth and 8th in  Overall individual results.Susie Pool.

80 show jumping teams: 11th Meon (Ony Rogers, Janr Baldachino, Diane Williams, Coorinne Staples

Walk and Trot Dressage individuals: Arena 13 – 5th Matte Lallo/New Forest. Junior Riding Test Team: 4th New Forest: Imogen Reynolds, Callum Robertson, Matte Lallo, Ella Conway. Ind Arena 7 – =12th Matte Lallo. Arena 8 3rd Ella Conway. Arena 11 – 10th Callum Robertson. Arena 12 6th Imogen Reynolds Junior Elementary Individuals: 7th Ella Conway/New Forest. Junior Teams of 4 3rd New Forest.Callum Robertson, Imogen Reynolds, Matte Lallo, Ella Conway.  Junior Pairs DressagL 1st New Forest – Callum Robertson, Imogen Reynolds

NAF National Horse Trials 3-5 August Swalcliffe.SENIOR 90 FIRST: New Forest – Katie Cassidy – Longfield Jolie Peche, Kerry Tyrrell – Himoons Angel, Katie Ingram – Hollyhatch Highflyer, Kate Brown – Damson Bay Buttons

Senior 80 6th New Forest – Penny Towers, Milli Carreras, Rebecca Sheen, Lucy Twiss. Ind – Arena 6 4th Hayley Vincent/Chilworth. 5th Lucy Twiss Arena 8 – 15th Milli Carreras19th Penny Edwards/Vectis. Arena 9 18th Penny Towers. 14th. Junior 80. 8th Isle of Wight – Shannon Cox, Phoebe Raby, Chloe Fletcher, Phoebe Nicholls. Individuals: Arena 6 2nd Shannon Cox,  13th Phoebe Nicholls. Arena 8 – 15th Phoebe Raby. Arena 9 9th Chloe Fletcher. 5th Shannon Cox also nearest to optimum time.. Junior 90: ind Arena 1 – Megan Breslin/Purbeck

Festival of The Horse 19/20 May Aston le Walls:  Senior Challenge 100. 7th South Wiltshire Sarah M Sheppard, Diana Burgess, Alex Hubbard, Zoe Dunham. Senior Challenge 80 14th South Wiltshire – Roy Southey, Emma Louise Hewlett, Martine Kemmesh, Sarah M Sheppard. Junior Challenge 90: 4th New Forest Caitlin Lawrence, Ione Parker, Olivia Roffey, Freddie Ravenscroft

Novice Winter Dressage 14-15 April Arena UK. senior 7th New Forest – Kerry Tyrrell, Sonia Cutler, Gaile Meaker, Claire Lewis. Junior Novice Dressage – 8th Callum Robertson, Matte Lallo, Ella Conway, Eleanor Jenkins

EquiTheme Intermediate Wintr Drssage: Arenas – 9th Katy Evans/New Forest. Elementary Pick a est 8th Samantha McEwan/Meon. 15th Sophia Jeans/Chilworth. Winter Dressage Team- 4th Bourne Valley: Helen Vernon, Sarah Grafton-Jones, Susie Pool. Alison Coleman

Senior 100 show jumping Intermediate 5th New Forest- Charlotte Hordle, Vicky Foot, Callum Robertson, Georgy Killengray.  110 show jumping – 3rd Purbeck – Shannon Rodway, Kathy Laurence, Rosie Russell, Amber Mael

Area Successes at BRC Championships 2017

Equi-Theme Intermediate Winter Championships held at Bury Farm EC, Slapton, Beds on 28-30 April
Dressage Senior Teams:
Senior Individuals: 
Senior Open Medium Dressage :
Junior Dressage:

KBIS Novice Winter Championships held at Keysoe College EC, Bedford 1-2 April
Dressage Senior Individuals:  
Show Jumping Junior Teams:

NAF Horse Trials Championships held at Swalcliffe Equestrian Centre, 4-6 August
100 Horse Trials: Team 7th –  Bourne Valley RC: Laura McAlister on Sportsfield Dusty, Helen Vernon on That’s Illogical, Sophie Clotworthy on Bailey’s Spirit, Nicki Strong on Pha Mai Blue.  Arena 3rd: Laura McAlister (Bourne Valley) on Sportsfield Dusty.  Arena 3rd: Helen Vernon (Bourne Valley) on That’s Illogical.  Arena 3rd: Louise Huxley (Shillingstone) on Rovini.

Area Successes at BRC Championships 2016

Verdo Horse Bedding Dressage to Music Championships held 30 Sept/1&2 October4 2016 at Bury Farm, Slapton, Bucks
Open Pairs Team: 1st New Forest Pony Enthusasts: Sarah  Goddard on Hurstfield Billy Bigalo & Sophie Albery on Wayland Arabesque
Senior Novice 0 Points: 9th Kerry Tyrrell on Himoons Spellbound (Chilworth)
Senior Novice With Points: 6th Kate Welch on Biscuits Brown (Solent)
Elementary: 9th Sophia Jeans on Cadnam Stellata (Chilworth)
Pick A Test: 7th Mandy Keen on Dime a Time (Chilworth), =10th Elsbeth Jeffery on My Peggy’s Diamond (Meon)

NAF National Championships held at Lincoln 10/11 September 2016
Seniors: Style – 
9th Bourne Valley (Lynn Mead, Frances Hall, Sandra Groves, Jane Winson)
Open Dressage: Arena 8 10th Carla Maskell (Vectis).  Arena 9 10th Amber Winson (Vectis).  Arena 11 7th Emma Jenkinson (New Forest).  Arena 12 =10th Sophie Albery (New Forest Pony Enthusiasts).  Arena 13 7th Kelly Jenson (New Forest).  Arena 14 8th Sarah Goddard (New Forest Pony Enthusiasts)
Prelim Dressage: Arena 7 6th Jane Winson (Bourne Valley)m . Arena 12 2nd Georgina Leavold (Vectis)
Riding Test: Arena 1 5th Jane Place (New Forest Pony Enthusiasts).  Arena 5 9th Carolyn Higgins (New Forest Pony Enthusiasts).  Arena 6 3rd Emma Jenkinson (New Forest)
Team of Four Dressage: 5th Vectis (Georgina Leavold, Carla Maskell, Amber Winson, Kelly Harris), 9th New Forest Pony Enthusiasts (Sarah Goddard, Jane Place, Stephanie Shirfield, Sophie Albery)
JUNIORS – no placings seen

National Horse Trials held at Swalcliffe Park 5-7 August 2016
Junior HT 80:  6th Isle of Wight – Holly White/Thyn Field Fairly Marvelous, Shannon Cox/Taincwm Tellri, Chloe Fletcher/Jigsaw, Lydia Buckeridge/Thorndale Hazy King.  Arena 6 6th Chloe Fletcher, Arena 7 6th Lydia Buckeridge,
Senior HT 80:  1st Bourne Valley – Lorraine Storer/Pasadoble, Frances Hall/Bellindene Magnum Elm, Annie Rae/Mrs Pickle, Minette Batters/Bereford Magic.   Arena 7 1st Lorraine Storer, 8th Roy Southey/Moyriesk Cotton Hope (South Wilts), Arena 8 4th Minette Batters, 9th Sue McCullock/Farriers Brown Bear (New Forest), Arena 9 10th Annie Rae.
Senior HT 90: individual placings only – Arena 1 6th Donna Boyd/Rinus Star (South Wilts), Arena 2 8th Zoe Dunham/Fleur’s Galaxy (South Wilts).  Arena 5 10th Becky Morby/Penhill Limited Edition (Bourne Valley).
Senior HT 100:  individual Arena 4 5th Hani Milstein/Regent A5 (Bourne Valley)
Senior HT 100+:  individual Arena 5 7th Kate Lock/Tregoodwill (Chilworth)

Horslyx Festival of the Horse held at Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls 4 & 5 June 2016
Senior Challenge 90 Individual – 3rd Donna Boyd on Rinus Star (S Wilts) 5th Shuna Cameron on Yarlbank Hawthorn (S Wilts)  All to count overall 1st South Wilts
Senior Challenge 100 Team 10th Purbeck & District: Amber Mael on Mini Jack, April Whitfield on Ardlea Mater Echo Box, Kizzie Russell on Robbin Diamonds, Kathy Laurence on Kinamona Dato
Senior Pairs Challenge 90 10h Isle of Wight Karen Begley on Spring Thyme, Sharon Waghorn on Harly Quinn
Junior Combined Training Ind Arena 3 8th Bethany Daly on Careless Neopolitan (Solent)
Junior Challenge 90 2nd Purbeck & District – Rosie Russell on Birchills Farmer Boy, Connor Pullin on Gunavira, Molly Russell on Flying Skittles, Matteo Apetino on Dijerdoo
Junior Challenge 90 Individual Arena 1 6th Connor Pullin.  All to count results 1st Purbrook & District
Senior Combined Training Arena 3 10th Michele Griffiths on Lord Ego (Bourne Valley), Arena 6 8th Briony Stevens on Double H (Meon)

Treehouse Sporting Colours Intermediate Winter Championships held at Bury Farm EC, Slapton, Beds on 30 April & 1 May
Dressage Senior Teams: 8th Chilworth RC – Sophia Drew/Cadnum Stellata, Karen Morton/Marchwood Gem, Kerry Tyrrell/Midsummer Rainman, Mandy Keen/Just the One IV
Senior Individuals – Arena 1 2nd Katie Ingram/Hollyhatch Highflyer (New Forest),;  Arena 5 =8th Kerry Tyrrell/Midsummer Rainman (Chilworth); Arena 6 2nd Mandy Keen/Just the One IV (Chilworth);  Arena 2 =9th Pippa Griffin/Tolkien’s Trilogy (Meon);  Arena 4 7th Faye Chivers/Wolf Whistle (Bourne Valley)
Senior Open Medium Dressage : 10th Maria Hoare/Prussian Prinz (Chilworth)
Junior Dressage:  Arena 2 =7th  Laura Treherne/Have-A-Go-Hero (Isle of Wight)

KBIS Novice Winter Championships held at The College EC, Bedford 9-10 April
Dressage Senior Individuals:  Arena 4 4th Kerry Tyrrell on Midsummer Rainman (Chilworth)
Show Jumping Junior Teams:  8th New Forest Pony Enthusiasts – Ines Mitchell/Butslawn Beaufort, Nicola Denness/Peter’s Top Dollar, Tori House/Anderwood Jacob, Jessica Wallis/Brock Breeze II

Area Successes at BRC Championships 2015

Verdo Horse Bedding Dressage To Music Championships at Bury Farm, Slapton 2-4 October

Pick a Test. ind 8th Alison Jendon on Under Discussion, 9th Mandy Keen on Dime a Time, both Chilworth  Mixed Pairs 5th Penny Scaife on Culham Silver Serenade and Hayley Vincent on Staghill Twice as Nice (Chilworth)  Senior DTM 0 Points ind 5th Kerry Tyrrell on Midsummer Rainman (Chilworth)  Junior DTM Novice ind 2nd Holly Christofoli on Nyton Willy Wonker (Solent)

National Championships held at Lincoln Sat/Sun 5/6 September 2015

Magic Open Dressage – ind 9th Arena 9 Sarah Simmons/Jazz; Arena 10 6th Marion Watt/Old Speckled Hen – both Bourne Valley.  Senior Riding Test – ind Arena 2 =5th Kerry Tyrrell/Himoons Angel, Arena 4 10th Louise Turner/Ballinclea Ashfield Abbot, Arena 5 = 6th Kerry Tyrrell/Midsumer Rainman  (all Chilworth).
Magic Senior Pairs Dressage – 2nd Bourne Valley Sarah Simmons/Jazz, Marion Watt/Old Speckled Hen II
Magic Senior Medium Dressage – ind 8th Marion Watt/Old Speckled Hen II (Bourne Valley)
Magic Senior Prelim Dressage – ind Arena 8 7th Amy Bridgett/Brock Rhythm ‘n’ Blues (New Forest)
Magic Senior Team of Four Dressage – 1st Chilworth  Alison Jeddon/Big Time Ben, Kerry Tyrrell/Midsummer Rainman, Lisa Taylor/Sandby Jasmine, Louise Turner/Ballinclea Ashfield Abbot.  =9th Bourne Valley  Susie Pool/Folds Acacia, Philippa Thatcher/Master Stanley, Jane Winson/Widlake Magic Whirl, Sandra Groves/Timmy, =9th New Forest  Amy Bridgett/Brock Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Jane Keats/Portman, Jane Keats/Portman, Janet Sheen/Tiptoe Phantom
Magic Junior Riding Test – ind Arena 5 3rd Kate-Ebby Bignell/The Rite of Spring (Chilworth)
Magic Junior Dressage ind Arena 13  7th Lucy Keats/Portman (New Forest), Arena 14 3rd Eleanor Roberts/Tyngwndwn Golden Boy (Vectis)
Magic Junior Elementary Dressage ind Arena 15 3rd Eleanor Roberts/Tyngwndwn Golden Boy (Vectis)

Horslyx Festival of the Horse 30-31 May Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls
Senior Challenge 100 – 9th Purbeck & Disrict: Kizzie Russell/Robin Diamonds, Kathy Laurence/Diamonds, Amber Mael/Mini Jack.  Ind: Arena 1 10th Emma Collyer/Regal Misprint (New Forest).  Junior Pairs 90 Challenge Teams – 1st Isle of Wight: Jade Davies/Gobinstown Lad, Laura Treherne/Have-a-Go-Hero.  Senior Combined Training – 8th Chilworth: Louise Turner/Ballinclea Ashfield Abbot, Kate Lock/Spinway Opal, Hayley Vincent/Staghill Twice as Nice, Kerry Tyrrell/Himoons Angel.  Ind arena 3 10th Hayley Vincent.  Arena 4 4th Kerry Tyrrell.   Arena 6 6th Debbie Prince/Backley Blue Mist (New Forest), 8th Jessie Vanassche/Da-Vinci (Isle of Wight)

Hayman Winter Dressage Championships at Bury Farm, Slapton Saturday/Sunday 2/3 May
Senior Dressage –
7th Bourne Valley: Rosalind Kershaw/Catnap, Elizabeth Peerless/Josephine, Jenny Cox/Biscuit Man, Faye Chivers/Wolfe Whistle.  Individuals – Arena 1: 7th Diane Williams/Tamira Van’T Leefdaalhof (Meon), Arena 3 9th Jenny Cox/Biscuit Man (Bourne Valley).  Arena 1 1st Faye Chivers/Wolf Whistle (Bourne Valley)
Junior Dressage – 7th New Forest Pony Enthusiasts Lydia Bishop/Sammerville Her Massters Voice, Abbey England/Wayland Mulberry, Bea Young/Crabbswood Sunstar.  10th Vectis Madalin McIntosh/Applewitch Zodiac, Sophie Wickhm/Penclose Sonny Jim, Eleanor Roberts/Tyngwndwn Gondenboy.  Individuals – Arena 1 5th Alessandro Lallo/Bingo (New Forest), Arena 2 3rd Eleanor Roberts/Tyngwndwn Goldenboy (Vectis), Arena 1 2nd Lydia Bishop/Sammerville Her Masters Voice (NFPE), Arena 2 9th Sophie Wickham/Penclose Sonny Jim (Vectis)
Senior Show Jumping 7th New Forest: Faine Jordan/Starlight Tinkerbell, Charlotte Thompson/Fatal Attraction, Nikke Eustis/Smokey Joe, Claire Lewis/Beckham

Show Jumping and Dressage Championships at Hartpury Saturday/Sunday 4/5 April
KBIS Senior Novice Winter Dressage.  Teams:  8th Bourne Valley.  Sandra Groves/Timmy, Fay Chivers/Wolf Whistle, Rosalind Kershaw/sCatnap, Elizabeth Peerless/Josephine.   Arena 1 Rosalind Kershaw 10th, Arena 2 Fay Chivers 1st – overall individually 1st as well.

KBIS Junior Novice Winter Dressage. Teams:  7th Solent, Holly Christofoli/Nyton Willy Wonker, Charlotte Ennew/Leam Black Knight, Fay Ely/Penbrynddu Pippas Song.  Arena 1 Fay Ely 8th, Arena 1 Charlotte Ennew 10th.  Arena 2 Holly Cristofoli 2nd.

Area Successes at BRC Championships 2014

BRC Dressage to Music Championships held at Bury Farm, Slapton on Sunday 5 October
Arena 1 ETM – 10th Sophie Harris on Whitney  (Solent), Senior Novice Without Points 3rd Pippa Griffin on Tolkiens Trilogy (Meon), Mixed Pairs 2nd Sarah Goddard on Hurstfield Billy Bigalo, Sophie Alsbery on Wayland Arabesque (New Forest Pony Enthusiasts), Junior Open NTM 3rd Jolly Cristofoli on Nyton Willy Wonker (Solent)

BRC 80 Championships held at Brooksby on Sunday 27 September 2014
Sam Evans with Toptimist Utopia from Meon won their arena, finishing on a dressage score of 26.

BRC NAF National Championships held at Lincoln 6 & 7 September 2014
Magic Senior Prelim Dressage Teams:  
2nd NFPE – Sally Marsh/Longcopse Elton (ind =7th), Stephanie Shirfield/Waylands Robert Francis (ind =4th), Connor Richards/Hayward’s I’m The One (ind 18th), Sophie Albery/Wayland Arabesque (ind =2nd).  Magic Senior Open Dressage:  Individuals (no team placings)  Arena 7 =3rd Chilworth Lisa Taylor/Sandby Jasmine, Arena 13 8th Vectis Kelly Harris/Chelesto.  Senior Riding Test Arena 5 2nd NFPE Stephanie Shirfield/Waylands Robert Francis.  Teams of Four Dressage:  1st Chilworth Alison Jendon/Under Discussion, Lisa Taylor/Sandby Jasmine, Kate Lock/Spinway Opal, Louise Turner/Ballinclea Ashfield Abbot.  9th NFPE Amanda Pidgley/Hayward’s Enigma, Sarah Goddard/Saris Salsa, Sophie Albery/Wayland Arabesque, Dawn Vear/Kilncopse Arbella.  Teams of Six Dressage:  1st NFPE Amanda Pidgley/Hayward’s Enigma, Sarah Goddard/Saris Salsa, Connor Richards/ Hayward’s I’m The One, Hannah Marsh/Hayward’s Intuition, Sophie Albery/Wayland Arabesque, Dawn Vear/Kilncopse Arbella, Karen Albery.  Pairs Dressage =8th Louise Turner/Ballinclea Ashfield Abbot, Kate Lock/Spinway Opal.
Junior Dressage No teams placed.  Individuals:  Arena 9 4th Chilworth Kate Ebby Bignell/The Rite of Spring.  Elementary Dressage 4th Vectis Sophie Wickham/Penclose Sonny Jim.  Junior Riding Test Arena 1 3rd Vectis Sophie Wickham/Penclose Sonny Jim  Arena 5 5th Chilworth  Kate Ebby Bignell/The Rite of Spring.

BRC Animalife National Horse Trials Championships held at Swalcliffe Park on 1,2,3 August
Senior Horse Trials 80 Team 8th Isle of Wight: Sharon Waghorn/Harley Quinn, Karen Begley/Spring Thyne Elm, Lucinda Gale/Peronne Hanky Panky, Jessica Vanassche/Neyffed Dubonnet.  Individually Lucinda was 8th in Arena 2
Junior Horse Trials 80 Team 6th Area 17 mixed team: Anna Dunford/Furzley Illusion, Rosie Russell/Candyman, Millie Evans/Carnsdale Debutante, Kate Ebby-Bignell/The Rite of Spring. Kate won in Arena 2, Rosie was 5th in Arena 4
Junior Horse Trials 90 3rd in her arena – Jade Davies//Gobinstown Lad (Isle of Wight)

BRC Equestrian Clearance Winter Championships at Hartpury 29/30 March 2014
Junior Dressage:  2nd Vectis. Sophie Wickham/Penclose Sonny Jim, Jody Reay/Socio, Paige Richards/Gins Alfresco, Abigail Denham/Merrie Mainstream.

Senior Dressage: 6th New Forest Pony Enthusiasts. Dawn Vear/Kilncopse Arbella, Justine Young/Crabbswood Sunstar, Sophie Albery/Wayland Arabesque, Sarah Goddard/Hurstfield Billybigalo.   7th Bourne Valley. Philippa Thatcher/Master Stanley, Frances Hall/Trowan Max, Marion Watt/Faerie Role, Fenella Hargreaves/Brit Pop.  Overall Champion: Philippa Thatcher (also 1st in Arena 1 Prelim 7 am).   7th in Arena 1 P7 am Dawn Vear, Prelim 7 pm 2nd Frances Hall, 4th Justine Young.

Area Successes at BRC Championships 2013


Senior Elementary 10th Sarah Goddard on Hurstfield Billy Bigalo (NFPE)
Pairs  9th Dawn Vear on Kilncopse Arbella and Amanda Pidgley on Haywards Enigma (NFPE)
Junior Prelim  4th Paige Edwards on Gins Alfresco (Vectis)
Junior Open  3rd Carly Jackson on Trewithian Parc Hawthorn (Solent)


Junior Dressage:  Arena 7, Prelim 4. 6th Lucy Keats on Portman (New Forest)
Arena 9, Prelim 12. 10th Holly Cristofoli on Nyton Willy Wonker (Solent) New Forest Team 9th Lucy Keats, Laura Reid on Willoway Wedgewood, Anna Dunford on Samsons Spark, George Keats on Top Secret.
Elementary Dressage Arena 11, 8th George Keats on Top Secret (New Forest)
Junior Style Jumping: New Forest team 5th: George Keats on Top Secret, Lucy Keats on Portman, Laura Reid on Willoway Wedgewood.

Seniors Dressage: Prelim Dressage:  Arena 8 Prelim 14 3rd Kerry Tyrrell on Staghill Twice as Nice (Chilworth) Arena 9 Prelim 14 4th Kate Lock on Spinway Opal (Chilworth), Arena 11 Prelim 14 8th Dawn Vear on Kilncopse Arbella (New Forest Pony Enthusiasts), Arena 12 Prelim 14 7th Catherine Goddard on Basil Brush (Shillingstone).  Teams 6th Chilworth – Hayley Vincent on Welton Double Measure, Kate Lock, Kerry Tyrrell, Louise Turner on Vallinclea Ashfield Abbot.
Senior Open Dressage: Arena 9 N30 9th Alison Jendon on Under Discussion (Chilworth). Arena 12 N 28 4th Marion Watt on Old Speckled Hen (Bourne Valley), Arena 14 E42 6th Elizabeth Peerless on Smashing Pumpkin (Bourne Valley).
Medium Dressage: Arena 15 M69 5th Alison Jendon on Cadnam Stellata (Chilworth)
Riding Test: Arena 5 P RT 9th Sandra Groves on Timmy (Bourne Valley), Arena 6 N RT 6th Sarah Goddard on Saris Salsa (NFPE)
Teams of Four Dressage: Arena 15 OTD .  8th 1st Chilworth Gold – Kate Lock on Urame, Julia Dixon on Blue Secret, Alison Jendon on Under Discussion, Hayley Vincent on Welton Double Measure.  9th Bourne Valley – Elizabeth Peerless on Smashing Pumpkin, Sandra Groves on Timmy, Susie Pool on Welton all that Jazz, Marion Watt on Old Speckled Hen.  10th Chilworth Black – Kate Lock on Spinway Opal, Louise Turner on Ballinclea Ashfield Abbot, Alison Jendon on Cadnam Stellata, Kerry Tyrrell on Hi Moons Angel.
Teams of Six Dressage: 2nd New Forest Pony Enthusiasts – Amanda Pidgley on Hayward’s Enigma, Sarah Goddard on Saris Salsa, Connor Richards on Haywards I’m the One, Hannah Marsh on Haywards Intuition, Sophie Albery on Wayland Arabesque, Dawn Vear on Kilncopse Arbella, Karen Albery.
Pairs Dressage: 1st Marion Watt on Old Speckled Hen and Susie Pool on Welton all that Jazz (Bourne Valley), 2nd Kate Lock on Urame and Julia Dixon on Blue Secret (Chilworth).

Senior Show Jumping: Intermediate – 6th Bourne Valley – Marion Watt on Faerie Role, Katie Mortimore on Tantifleur, Ruth Allen on Look Who’s Taking Too, Fenella Hargreaves on Brit Pop.
Senior Style – Arena 5 pm 7th Alison Jendon on Under Discussion (Chilworth)


HT 80 SENIOR TEAMS 1st Chilworth – Kerry Tyrrell/Hi Moons Angel, Alison Jendon/Under Discussion, Louise Turner/Ballinclea Ashfield Abbot. Abbey Batch/Juatel Flying Comet. Arena 7 3rd Jessie Vanassche/Wixton (IoW), Arena 8 4th Alison Jendon (Chilworth), Arena 9 1st Kerry Tyrrell (Chilworth), Arena10 4th Abbey Batch (Chilworth).
HT 90 SENIOR TEAMS 9th Meon Sarah Pook/Top Pride, Lauren Rixon/Colour Me Danny, Jacqueline Young Ballinger/Dandy Deno Danty, Amanda White/Simonty (Rtd). Arena 3 4th Jacqueline Young Ballinger (Meon)
HT SENIOR 100 TEAMS 2nd Chilworth – Kate Lock/Taylor XII, Julia Dixon/Blue Secret, Nicola Williams/Blue Fiddler. Arena 3 1st Julia Dixon (Chilworth), Arena 4 4th Nicola Williams (Chilworth)


Senior Individuals: Arena 1 =6th Diana Burgess – Right of Way (Bourne Valley)
Arena 1 6th Frances Hall – Trowan Max (Bourne Valley)
Arena 2 =8th Kerry Tyrrell – Staghill Twice as Nice (Chilworth)

Junior Teams: 10th Vectis – Sophie Wickham on Penclose Sunny Jim, Jodie Reay on Socio, Paige Richards on Gins Alfresco
Junior Individuals: Arena 1 =1st Jodie Reay – Socio (Vectis), 10th Paige Richards – Gins Alfresco (Vectis)


Challenge 100 – Meon Riding Club Team placed 5th: Katie Mills – Holloway Flying Solo, Keri Barnjum – Flagmount Flynn I, Helen Vernon Monaco Finale, Christine Hughes – Harry
Challenge 90 – Indiividuals – Sarah Pook – Top Pride (Meon) 7th
Senior Combined Training – Arena 3 Prelim 14: Hayley Vincent – Welton Double Measure (Chilworth) 8th
Junior Combined Training – George Keats (New Forest) 1st in arena