BRC Handbook

The BRC Rulebook and Organisers’ handbook have been amalgamated into one document.  The first part contains details of all the different Competitions run under the auspices of BRC.  It includes all the eligibility rules for the various classes, tack and dress regulations and the BRC specific Dressage/Riding Test tests.  It contains lots of valuable information, which competitors in Qualifiers and Championships are expected to be familiar with.  2018 Rulebook valid from 1 January 2018 can be viewed here

Hat Standards

BRC aqua coloured hat-tags will be required by all competitors at Qualifiers and Championships from 1 January 2018.  Previous tags will not be accepted.  2018 Aqua tags from the Pony Club and British Eventing will be accepted.   The full list of permitted hats can be found on the link below.

BRC Hat Standards

BRC Body Protector Guidelines

You can download a PDF version of the Current BRC Body Protector Guidelines:  2017 BRC BODY PROTECTOR STANDARDS   Note that from 1 January 2018 Body Protectors must meet 2009 standards or later.  2000 BETA Level 3 body protectors WILL NOT be acceptable.

Flu Vac Reminder

Members competing at Qualifier and Championship Competitions are required to have a valid flu vac certificate for their horse. Qualifier organisers may ask for photocopies in advance so that checking can be done before the day; at the Championship, however, competitors will not be admitted to the showground if they are unable to produce a valid certificate.

To help you check your certificate, the following is a summary (see also BRC Handbook)

The minimum vaccinations (for horses born after 1st Jan 1980) are:

  • Primary and Secondary done at an interval of between 21 and 92 days.

Boosters must be done as follows:

  • First booster between 150 and 215 days after Secondary.
  • Subsequent boosters within one calendar year. NB Although includes 366 days in leap year, BHS recommendation is 365 days max.

No vaccination to have been given on the day of a competition or entry to championship stables or on any of the 6 days before a competition or entry to championship stables.

If the current vaccination programme started BEFORE 1 January 6 years ago (eg for competitions in 2017, 1 January 2011):

  • The first two primary injections must be correct, ie the second given between 21 and 92 days after the first
  • Any errors with first booster (which should be given 150-215 days after the second primary injection) or annual booster given BEFORE 1 January 2008 may be ignored.
  • All annual boosters given AFTER 1 January 6 years ago must be correct.

If the current vaccination programme started AFTER 1 January 6 years ago:

  • The first two primary injections must be correct, ie the second given between 21-92 days after the first.
  • The first booster must be given between 150-215 days after the second primary injection.
  • All annual boosters must be correct.

If your horse’s history does not comply, then you will need to restart with primary & secondary vacinations, remembering that the last one must be not less than a clear week before the day of the competition, or entry to the competition stables.

The certificate must also clearly identify your horse. Has the vet completed the diagram and description? Have you entered the competition under the official name or your ‘stable’ name?

It also helps event organisers check certificates if the latest re-start is clearly identified.

NB If you use a Passport to record ‘flu vacs, make sure a vet has completed the description, as above.

BRC have produced an Excel Flu Vac Checker File: Flu Vac Checker 2017 enter details