Event Calendar Area 17 Clubs


Date Organising Club Type of Event (send lists and details of your events to Lindsay Hills ) Venue
Sunday 21 January SWRC Winter League Show Jumping Downlands EC
Sunday 25 February BVRC  Indoor Dressage.    Online entries  Castle Farm
Sunday 11 March BVRC Show Jumping (arena).   Online entries Tidworth SC
Saturday 31 March BVRC Spring Novice Show (Dressage & CR jumping on grass) Amport EC
Sunday 8 April BVRC Spring Dressage Amport EC
Sunday 27 May BVRC  Unaffiliated Horse Trials Larkhill
Sunday 10 June BVRC  Combined Training, Dressage and Show Jumping  Larkhill
Sunday 15 July HRRC Summer Show
Sunday 22 July BVRC Dressage and Showing Show including Side Saddle classes Redenham Park
Sunday 22 July SWRC Combined Training Warminster SC
Sunday 12 August SWRC Combined Training Warminster SC
Saturday 8 September BVRC Autumn Novice Show TBC
Sunday 9 September BVRC  Dressage and Show Jumping  TBC
Sunday 23 September HRRC  Unaffiliated Horse Trials
Sunday 28 October BVRC  Hunter Trial  Larkhill
Saturday 17 November Meon RC  Show Jumping show including teams  Crofton Manor